Joy Naylor

Cheshire Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach

  • 1. Who do I teach?
    I provide training for healthy voice use for both professional singers and complete beginners of any age.
  • 2.What happens at a lesson?
    Every lesson begins with enjoyable and practical vocal, physical and mental warm-up exercises to prepare the student for improving and developing their technical skills.

    I show my students how to use their technique to perform their songs with expression and feeling.

    I accompany all the songs at the piano/keyboard or you can sing to a backing track. You are very welcome to record your lessons to practise at home.

  • 3. Do you have to take singing exams?
    No you do not have to take exams but many students enjoy the challenge of preparing for them.

    I use the ABRSM syllabus for Classical Singing Exams and LCM or the new GSA board for Music Theatre exams.

  • 4. What are some of the benefits of taking singing/voice lessons?
    • Singing makes you feel better - physically and mentally
    • Singing improves your self confidence and expression
    • Singing helps you achieve better posture and body alignment which also produces a more positive body language
    • Singing develops your breath management and control, improves vocal flexibility and stamina, increases your range of pitches and eliminates vocal strain.
  • 5. How much do lessons cost

    Fee structure:

    For regular weekly/fortnightly appointments, lessons are charged at the following rates:

    Age 21+ £16.00/30min
    Age 21- £15.00/30min

    Lessons can be booked on an hourly or half hourly basis but can be longer if required.